About Us


Nomad Downstairs Bar

Situated over 2 floors, with a contemporary Moroccan décor on the ground floor giving it a ‘lounge feel’ with upstairs being the ‘main room’. Both floors have a NEXO system installed, which delivers clean crisp tops, punchy mids, with the warm bass that wraps itself around you!

We are proud to of worked alongside the likes of Replicants, Bad Apple, Ornate, BF, Tabernacle Records, Multi-Vitiams, Melt, Mi Casa, Republic Artist, Run Sound that’s have brought in artists such as Arnaud Le Texier, Billy Nasty, Bloody Mary, Colin Dale, Doubting Thomas, DZeta N’Basile, Enzo Siragusa, Freaky Disco, Hamid, Jason Glanville, Nathan Coles, Oliver Ho, Psychemagik, Tomoki, Ultrasone, Victor Simonelli, Youandewen and many, many more, creating the party vibe that we are known for…

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